Finally!  Back online as of this evening!  Wow, did I ever enjoy seeing all
your new puppies!  What a family you have now!!  You must be up to your
knees in puppies!  We are finally all moved, our pastor up here, and his
wife, helped us unload our last truck full.  Here is a picture of my dear
Sydney as we were packing the truck down-state:
Hi Susan,
have all to myself, it's nice not having to fight all those sisters and brother to eat.  My
new Momma says I eat like a piggy, and I have gained 2 1/2 pounds and daddy tells
our friends I am growing like a weed...what's a weed?  I have discovered if I paw at
the door, my folks take me outside to wee-wee and #2...and then Daddy gives me a
puppy treat, which I love, and tells me I am a good girl, I even know what cupboard
they are kept in.  I know my name "Bonny" and come to my Momma and Daddy
right away when they call me.  I love to out in the yard with Dad and race around and
around, especially on sunny days.  I really love to get a hold of Momma's yarn and
race around the house trying to get her to catch me, ha ha.  
Guess what Susan...we have a tree in our house!  Momma and Daddy call it a
Christmas tree...what's a Christmas?  Well Momma says she is waiting to put the
lights and decorations on once I finish learning not to pounce on the lower branches
and play tug...and I am learning, for Momma says I am a smart puppy.  What's a
Daddy Syd says I am a traveling puppy cause so far I have been to church to thank
the nice people for praying for me when I was born and was such a peanut...what's a
peanut?  I have been to see Dr. Tim in the big blue house....
 He gave me lots of
and two shots, but I like him and licked his face good!  He says I am an
exceptional  puppy and I am very healthy, alert and smart...what is smart?  I have
even been to visited some girls at the A & W Root Beer restaurant, and boy did they
love on me!!!  I just adore riding in the car and love to look out the window and kiss
the other puppy looking back at me in my reflection...what's a reflection?
I just love it here Susan, but miss you and Mike and the rest of the family, but
Momma Sharon says because of you, I am blessing them, by being such a loving,
happy and healthy puppy.  Oh hum, I am getting sleepy again...I think I will go lay
down for a good afternoon nap...bye bye, I love you....Bonny
Dear Susan,
and did very well, she has gained 2 1/2
lbs.  Dr. Tim gave her the first of 3
place to help guard against now
she is trackable by satellite.  Dr. Tim
said Bonny would be a little tired today
because of her shot...but he must have
given her go go juice instead as she has
been flying around the house with super
energy...hahaha.  Anyway, just wanted
to let you know that she is doing super,
and we love her more each day.
Have a wonderful day,
Love in our Savior,
We took Bonny Wee Lass to church
mid-week Bible study and prayer meeting
and she even was given two new toys
from her admirers.  Bonny and I left early
of course, and Sydney stayed for the
made lots and lots of new friends.  Pastor
John especially loved her, and cuddled
her on his lap in his office.
Dear Susan,
Here I am, 10 weeks old and pushing paper
pumpkins off this table, no interest in posing,
just loven' playing with pumpkins, ha ha.
Hello Susan,
Just a note to tell you how much I love sleeping on my
new daddy's shoulder in the big recliner, and how much I
love my new mommy's tennis shoes.  Don't you love this
sweet tee shirt?  Haha.  Love n' licks, Bonny Wee Lass

Hi Susan,
Our little Bon Bon is doing just fine.  She has been charming the
pants off all our friends.  Our best friends, Char & Bob (Golden
owners) have proclaimed her as their God-dog, in other words they
are Bonny's new God-parents....hahaha.  Bonny is an angel when
she sleeps, and Char calls her the "Blond Bomber" when she's up
and going...whew never knew one small puppy could move so
fast!!!!  She continues to do well...she plays hard, sleeps
soundly...and eats like a little piggy.  She is starting to get the hang of
going to the door for "outside".  She absolutely knows what the word
no is, and hears it quite alot...smiling and laughing.  I think if you
asked most puppies what their name was they would tell you NO!  It
is so hard to believe that she is 10 weeks old today, time is flying by.  
We have our first vet appointment next Monday.  Bonny is going to
Church with us tomorrow night to meet the folks who have been
praying for her from before she was born.  We will only stay about
20 minutes, then I will bring her home, Sydney will come home after
sweetie.Have a great evening Susan, I am so glad you took the time
to e-mail us.
Love and kisses from Bonny...aka the Yooper Pooper
Pastor Syd and Sharon
So glad to hear from you.  Bonny Wee-Lass is doing very well.  She had her last puppy shot
and first rabies shot at the vet on January 2nd and he is very, very pleased with her growth and
weight.  The only problem we have had is a little yeast in the ears which we are on drops and
solution for she had a wee urine infection show up on the second trip to the vet,
which he gave her pills for and has since cleared up.  We weighed her this morning and she
weighed in at 13 1/2 pounds.  She has a good appetite, probably because she walks to the post
office everyday which is one mile, then she goes out into the fenced in yard and races around,
and around and around and around and around....well, you get the picture.  The vet says that it
is very apparent that she is very healthy, and very, very happy.
She is completely house broken...except for the excited widdle that she does when friends
come which we are at a loss to break her of...we have heard that cockers are prone to that, but
neither of our other two cockers never exhibited that behavior.  
Bonny is being home schooled and has learned to sit, sit/stay, lay down, shake hands, sit-up
and beg and take her treats "nice" instead of lunging for them.  Sydney is in the process of
teaching her to "heel" on our walks.
Bonny is full of energy...nap times are becoming a thing of the past...except for after a long
walk and run.  She had her first time alone in the back-seat of the car when we drove to town
yesterday and was a perfect little lady.  The only time she cried was Sydney...then she cried a
little when Sydney went into the store to buy milk and she was left with me, but she remained
calm and a good girl.
She is brushed every day, although she hates to sit through her grooming sessions...she would
rather be playing.  She sleeps through every morning until we get up at 8:30...praise the Lord.
She does have a strong willed nature and hates it when she doesn't get her way and tends to
sass, but that will pass as she matures... NO is not her favorite word!  She is also has a very
loving nature and loves to snuggle when 'she' feels like doing so!  Ha ha ha.  Of course, she is
still a puppy and loves to get into mischief.  
She is an instant friend to everyone she meets, and all of our friends love her!
She absolutely adores the snow and loves to romp in it until she is fully caked!  She also loves
to go out onto the deck and sit for long periods just watching the traffic out on M28...I think
she would sit there for hours if we would let her, which is kind of spooky for me cause my
Dad's favorite pass time was sitting on a porch and watching the traffic go by!
Bonny also has a quirky way of studying things.  She will sit for the longest time and study our
face and our eyes, which can be quite unnerving.  She will sit and study my hands as I knit
(then lunge for the yarn).  Any 'new thing' comes under her serious scrutiny.  
She also just learned of the joy of POPCORN.  I can just forget trying to sneak a snack from
now on, because Bonny LOVES popcorn! She has to have two or three kernels to satisfy her
longing.   However, she does not beg for food during our meal times.  She lays quietly at/on
our feet while we are eating at the supper table.
Our life has been renewed by our Bonny, and refreshed!  If we were getting to used to retiring
to our rockers in this our golden years...Bonny has changed that mind-set!  Every minute of
every day is a new adventure with Bonny, and we are so blessed to be a part of that adventure!
Well, I think that brings you pretty much up to date...I think you have this latest picture, but I
am not sure so will send along.
Have a wonderful day,
Your cocker family members,
Pastor Syd, Sharon and Bonny Wee-Lass is goood!  Watchin' Momma Sharon
and Daddy Syd take down the Christmas
tree...yawn...I'll just enjoy Dad's chair

My Daddy Syd takes me for a long walk says it is a mile...what is
a mile anyway?

We go to the post office and then even further down the thing called a road.  I
get to see Trixie the Beagle puppy that lives down our road and we sniff
noses...then when we get to the village I see lots of human-beans.  They all love
me and talk to me baby-talk...tee-hee.  We couldn't take our walk today
because Momma & Daddy said it was -16* and I would freeze my tail off...I bet
that would hurt.  But I sure let Daddy Syd know that I was unhappy when he left
without me...I put my two lips together and went woooo-woooo real loud!  Guess
he'd better take me next time!
Momma Sharon says I weigh 13 1/2 pounds now...whatever pounds is...and she
says I am all legs and big feet and assures me that I will grow into my feet real
soon.  I just lick her chin and cheeks and cuddle down beside her in the rockin'
chair, cause I know she thinks I am pretty no matter how big my feet are!
I just got in from going outside and I brought in a treasure!  It is long and
icy-cold and Momma Sharon calls it a ice-cycle...I just love to chew on these
when I find them, and sometimes my folks get what they call an ice-cube out of
the freezer for me to chew on and play ice-cube tag with.  I have so much fun
and can run around and around the circle of furniture in our house until I get
dizzy!  Then I grab one of Daddy's slippers and get him to chase me until he
gets dizzy!  Boy he can't even catch me, ha ha ha.
Daddy Syd is calling me for my home-schooling, so I gotta go now...see ya
Momma Sue...I love you.
Bonny Wee-Lass
Hi again Sue,
The full moon is out peeking in the window and
boy is it cold!  Our toilet in the back bathroom
electric heater aimed right at it to try to warm it
up.  This freezing weather doesn't seem to bother
Bonny...we have never had a "snow" dog before,
but Bonny sure is one.
Well, guess we will go join Sydney in the living
room in front of the is almost time
for popcorn...and can't you just hear Bonny
yelling hooray?
Love you lots,
High Calling Cockers
Bonny Wee Lass
Dearest Susan,
Bonny loves to sit up on my lap at the computer, and when she see's you and or
any of the dogs, her ears perk up and she studies the pictures with silent, rapt
concentration, and today when I went to your site she saw her own picture and she
actually yipped and wanted to lick the monitor.  People call them dumb dogs...ha!  
She went on another walk today, and I cannot express enough how much this
puppy loves snow!!!  She goes into total bliss while wading through the frozen
stuff!  I guess the good Lord picked the right family for her when He blessed us
with her...cause the UP of MI is noted for SNOW!
We love you.
Hi Momma Susan,
It's me...the 'peanut' Bonny.  I just came in from the snow, me and Dad went for
our walk and Momma Sharon says I look like a snowball cause I have sooooo much
clinging to me...hee hee.  I have been learning how to It's me...the 'peanut' Bonny.  
I just came in from the snow, me and Dad It's me...the 'peanut' Bonny.  I just came
in from the snow, me and Dad went for our walk and Momma Sharon says I look
like a snowball cause I went for our walk and Momma Sharon says I look like a
snowball cause I have sooooo much clinging to me...hee hee.  I have been learning
how to behave in the car this week, and I love to go on rides.  Anyway, here is my
behave in the car this week, and I love to go on rides.  Anyway, here is my I gotta
run to the kitchen cause I heard Dad say the word 'lunch' and that means FOOD!  
Bye Bye, I love you...Bonny Wee-Lass
This is the one where Bonny is "talking" to me in
the computer room, she always insists that she be
up on my lap during computer sessions and if not
she "tells" me just what she thinks of me...ha ha.
Dear Momma Sue,
I rode nestled down on my blankets.  I made my own bed on the
floor in the back seat of the car.  Momma Sharon and Dad gave me
water and food every time we stopped and I went for walks at the
place called "Rest Areas".  Then we stayed in a strange place called
a 'motel'.  It had all kinds of strange smells, but I never barked or
howled once, but I cried a little when I had to learn to use my new
portable crate to sleep in, while Momma and Dad had that big
comfortable bed.  I told them they should share with me, but they
And guess what Sue, while I was getting beautified, Mom and Dad
went and bought a new house and we are going to be
moving...what's moving?  Any way, they say I will love the new
house down-state...and when I get it figured out I will let you know
what it all means and if I like it or not.
I am getting soooooo sleepy, I guess I will ask Mom to tuck me in
early...I love you, Bonny
PS Here I am below, with Joyce the groomer lady, don't I look
I was going to write you a letter with Daddy Syd's ole pen, and sneaked up
on his chair, grabbed it and then Momma Sharon busted me!  
They took a clothes pin out of my mouth just the other day, and Momma found
me with a cookie cutter just yesterday...and won't you just know it...they take
em' away just when I get to chewin' real good!  Why is it Daddy Syd and
Momma Sharon keep takin' all my treasures away!!  Dad Momma Sue, that
everything I love...they tell me it's bad for me???  What's bad anyway?  I just
love havin' fun...I have chewed Daddy Syd's galoshes, his mittens, his new knit
cap, Momma's socks (I always help take things out of the dryer)'s
so much fun to get them to chase me all over the house.
write and tell you to come get me....then they'll be sorry!  Then I can help you
with your you'd let me chew on your clothes pins!  Momma Sharon
says if I don't behave she will pack me in a box and mail me back to you...but
she always says that with a grin on her face, so I guess she doesn't really mean
I love you...bye
Bonny Wee-Lass
She see's the fly!
She thinks she has it!
Darn mom, it got away!
I think I see it outside!
Can we go get it???
Mom and Dad got me from your house when I
were a I'm all growed up...well Momma
Sharon says not quite all the way, but I'm getting
a big girl I am.  Daddy Syd says I will be 9 months
old in a couple of days...and guess what I can do...I
can be "trusted" now...what's "trusted" Momma
Sue?  Any ways, my folks can go to church or
lunch or dinner away from home and I get to stay
out of my dumb ole crate all by myself!  I don't
chew the furniture or notin!  Momma Sharon still
gets my help takin stuff out of the big warm thing
called a dryer, and I drop my ball in there and
then steal daddy Syd's socks so's they'll chase
me.  I carry my ball all over the house and never
drop it.  How is my doggie mom Sophie?  Momma
Sharon says I am going to have some half
brothers and sisters come?  I ain't
never seen a half dog before.  Oh, and I am
sending you my 9mo picture...see me?

I weigh 20 pounds...whatever that means!  I can
shake hands, sit pretty and beg, rollover, sit and
stay and bring my ball to dad when he throws it
down the yard.
You tell all them people out there I am a good dog
and they would love one just like me...cause I am
sweet (most times)tee, hee.  I like to give kisses,
and snuggle on laps.
I am sittin on Momma Sharon's lap right now, and
want to get down...bye...I love you.
My mom is finally back "on-line", and I am sending you a picture of me
and dad by the great big truck that moved me and my folks from the UP
of Michigan to and dad call this place Martin.  
I don't care what they call it as long as I have my stuff.  Guess what
Momma Sue...I gotta new dish that is pink with roses all over it, but my
food tastes just the same...tee, hee.  I never sleep in that dumb ole crate
anymore, I have a fleecy white bed right next to the big ole bed they
won't let me in!  I sleep good all night.
Well, that is all for now, cause daddy Syd wants me to go outside with
him for a potty visit before bed...night...I love you,
Bonny Wee-Lass
Hi Momma Sue,

Yikes!  Was I THAT little?? Tee, Hee.
Then I got to here>>>>>>>

Gee eyes were stuck..hee, hee.  Glad you had a firm
grip on me Momma Sue, cause I were such a peanut.  Then I
got home with my new Momma and Dad and grew more>>>>

Boy, do I look sleepy...guess I did sleep a lot when I were a
baby, but I like my sweater.  Then I growed some

Then Santa came and left me all kinds of new and wonderful
toys, course I didn't get to meet him...but he left me this neat
hat,and it's just like his!......

Look at me now>>>>>>

Guess what Mamma Sue, I even got a waffle for breakfast,
and 2 new toys, and I'm gonna chew on them right now...bye
I love you, Bonny Wee Lass

Guess what......Momma and Daddy are going to take me for a ride in the
car...yipeeeee...and then we are going to get ICE CREAM
yaaaaaa...birthdays are neat.  I wishes I could have one EVERY DAY!
Have a nice birthday day too Momma Sue...doggie kisses coming your
way...from your Peanut.   Bye bye

Without her and Daddy-Mikey, I wouldn't have ICE CREAM!

I'm galloping to the back door,,,,yipeeeee
I want to wish Sharon a very, very Happy
Birthday today, September 13th!   She and
Pastor Syd have become very close to me, and I
treasure their friendship.  Sharon...may the Lord
bless you richly, today, and everyday, as you
strive to please Him in everything you do.   God
bless you!
Hi Momma Sue,
peanut, and I went for a
'Sunday Drive' to see some
colors today with mom and I am ready to go>>
camera...I am to busy sniffing
those cows over there>>>
Oh yea, this is what we saw....
Okay, we are back home and
I'm gonna take a cozy nap in
front of this....
Hi to you Momma Sue,
I just got back from that nice lady Joyce who gives me a bath and then cuts my hair and
nails.  Guess what Momma Sue, she gived me a boodeful thingy to wear around my neck for
something called a Halloween.  She said I were a perfect angel today...what's a angel, uh?  I
guess I had me a good time and Daddy Syd gave to me 3 cookies when we gots home.  And
guess what Momma Sue, I am goin on a long trip in the car and I will get to see my old
home were I came to when I was a wee baby.  Momma Sharon tells me I can send you a
postcard, and she has promised we will stop in and see my old friend Doctor Tim...I can't
wait and waggle all over with anticipation.   Now I'm gonna see what Momma Sharon left
me in my bowl for lunch...bye bye, I love you.
 Your wee Bon Bon
it's me your peanut Bonny Wee Lass!  I were your puppy when I wast teeny-weeny...
member?  This is my 'one year anniversary with my new folks' celebration picture.
that nice vet, then yous and the vet carried me out to my new folks.  My new Momma
cried when you gave me to her...member?  Then I chewed her nose, chin and fingers
and made her laugh.  Well, I slept and cried a little in Daddy Syd's arms all the way back
home to Michigan's UP.  It sure has been a x-citin' year and I sure am glad you let me
come live with my new people.  I try and try to be a good girl, but sometimes I can't
cause Momma Sharon says I am a "Nosey Parker", funny I thought my name is Bonny.  
I got a special ride in the car today, and guess what Momma Sue, I got a part of a
McGriddle cake for me special day.
I am getting' sleepy cause I had a big time this morning, so's I guess I will snuggle into a
ball in my favorite sunshine spot and snooze,,,yawn.
Bye, bye Momma Sue...give that guy Mike a hug too,
I love you,
Hi Momma Sue,
It's me....your wee 'peanut'...`member me?  I guess I want to wish you a HAPPY
MOTHER'S DAY, and Momma Sharon took this here picture of me and my brand
new squeaker ball so's you and that guy Mike can see me again.  You know I used ter
live wit you guys and my doggie Momma Sophie and daddy dog they still
live wit you?  Next week we are goin' on a long car ride up to that old home I lived in
when I were a little puppy....and guess what, I get ter ride in the back seat with my
human-bean brother Scott.  He says I better be a good girl, so I will try hard, I think.  I
get to run in my old yard and see all my old friends.  Does you still let people buy
puppies like me?  I think they will be happy with a nice doggie like me, cause I am so
pretty and I love to give hugs and kisses!  Momma Sharon says everyone should be
blessed with a little love like me to heal their hurtin' hearts....I guess they better uh?  
Well, Momma Sue, you have fun, I love you and that guy Mike too!  Heres my brand
new you know I will be 2 pretty quick?  Bye, bye......Bonny Wee Lass  
(Bon Bon)

Dear Momma Sue,

My folks are packin' them things called boxes, durn if I know what is that, but I don't
like em' cause every time they get them out we go to a different house!  Momma
Sharon & Daddy Syd tells me not to be upset, cause we is goin back to that house I
love where all that stuff called SNOW is!  And I like it there, member when they came
to you to get me when I were a baby?  Well, that is the house we are gonna go to!  
Yep!  And, I will take my new bed that I got when I turned into something called 2, and
all my toys and my new dishes too!  Oh, and my new Binky, cause I take Binky with
me every place!!
Please don't forget me Momma Sue, cause I wanna be your wee "Peanut" always!  
Here is my picture so you won't forget me!
Momma Sharon says we are gonna see that great big monster thing called a moving
truck come here on October 8th.  What's an October Momma Sue, do you know?  
Anyway, she said I can write to you a letter when we get all moved.  That's all I know
Momma Sue....I send to you sloppy smooches, and you tell that guy Mike I love him
too!  Bye, bye.........Bonny Wee Lass
We had that 24 foot truck packed to the gills!  Bonny is glad to be back home
in the UP, and rejoices in being able to gallop around her fenced back yard
once more!  She has a new wee friend who lives next door.  Her friend is a
beagle/pug mix puppy and the two of them love to have fence races, each on
their own side....up and down, up and down.  Here is a picture of Bonny after
such a race....
She was completely exhausted and very content to sleep
even on the rungs of the office chair.  She appears to be so
happy to be back at her first home!
Spring Play
March 2010
Do these two girls look like
sisters...or what!  Amazing!
Love and lots of slurpy kisses,
The birfday girl.......ME,
Dear Momma Sue,

Bet'cha can't guess who this is.......can ya?  It's ME  BONNY
WEE LASS!  Guess what Momma Sue, I am having me a
birfday and I am four years old today.
I am showing that little kid how to
"Sit Pretty"
Yep!  I am a big girl now, so's I guess I can't be yous
bestest wee peanut anymore...can I?  My Mommy Sharon
and Daddy Syd think I have growed up to be a pretty
good girl.  They say that I have a sweet Des-pu-gisin and
I love everybody....if their human-beans!  I don't much
like other dogs, except that kid Betsy, I tolerate her as
long as she ain't too pushy!  If she would just quit stealin'
all my toys I might even like her!  Daddy says there are
times when I can get stubborn.....but he says that makes
me a true Hawthorne!  I take Daddy Syd for a mile walk
everyday cause he needs it, and we visit our neighbor
Howard who loves me too!  I love our new house....we
have a big bunch of water for a back yard!  My folks call
it the Ke-wee-naw Bay!  I don't much like the
water....but I will wade in it if Momma Sharon comes
with me.

Well, I hope you and that guy Mike still remembers me,
and please don't forget your wee-peanut!  I done my best
to forgive yous for sending that kid Betsy here to live, I
guess sometimes human-beans just do crazy stuff.......they
just ain't dog smart.  But I love you always and hope you
still love me too.....cause in my wee doggy heart I will
always be your wee peanut!
I think I need to look for my birfday cake now...
I weigh 16 pounds now, and I'm getting
straggly, so we are going to visit something
called a groomer.  I been droppin' some ole
teeth out of my mouth, and Dad says how
pretty my brand new teeth look. Dad says I
have to put my coat put on for a walk, and
then  we walk pretty.  He says I am through all
that white stuff. I am glad Dad put it growing
out of my fancy winter snow coat and on me
cause it's c-c-c-c-old!  My tail would get froze
to my behinder if I didn't wag it all the time.  
Dad says I am the tail-waginest dog he's ever
seen!  Mom & Dad was lookin' at pictures on
dad Mikey, and Dad said to Mom it was just
like lookin' at I guess I'll do pretty
good, cause they was smilin'.
Well, Mom says it's time for me to go to bed,
but when I get growed up I will stay up as long
as I want to!
Bye, bye and I love you...Bonny
Here's my shaggy picture: