Hi Sue!  Hope you had a very happy  and joyful Easter!  We
had a wonderful Easter as my sister and her family were here
from England.  We all had a great time and the boys had so
much fun.  At first, they, especially Cubby Jr. were a bit afraid
of the children but they   quickly warmed up to them and had a
great time getting walked and playing while we were in the
pool!  The result is that my niece and nephew are not "after " a
puppy!  What a big surprise that is!  LOL  

We also got our boys a new bed- personalized of course.  I
wanted to show you the "first taker"- he's the king after all!  I
hope spring has finally come your way and that all is well at
High Calling!  I think of you and your wonderful puppies every
day!   Lots of love to you-  Susan

Ps-  Easter was also my 63rd birthday!  Wow- how did I ever get
soooo old????  =
A huge congratulations to Starr on her gorgeous puppies!  
Wow- 5  males, how unusual!  They are gorgeous and we
just love their names.   
You absolutely have the best website!  What a giant
temptation when we  
see two males available! LOL  Have a wonderful day and
stay warm up  
Love & hugs to you and Starr-  Susan& George, Cubby Jr.,  
Bailey, and Jakey too!
These are little guys who love to play.   I thought you
might like to know some little tricks or things they do
that makes them very special indeed!
1.  They love to help me clean up the plants around the
up dead leaves etc!  They really do!
2.  They just love fresh orange juice in the morning-
especially too  
lick it off Daddy's finger- but they also drink it out of my
3.  They love green tea- much better than black tea with
sugar in it!
4.  They love to have their teeth brushed!
5.  Bailey loves furry dolls to chew and Cubby loves balls!
6.  When I jumped in the pool, they were totally
confused and didn't  
know what to do but run back and forth to try to get me!
7.  They love to see/chase the big birds down here!
8.  Cubby Jr,.- more than Bailey- has discovered his
voice and thinks  
it is his job to protect everyone- quite funny really as he
is just so  
cute- not scary at all!  LOL
9.  They both can jump on and off the furniture and think
they are  
quite "hot stuff".
10.  Last but not least, they are the friendliest, nice
that I've ever seen!  They are so incredibly happy little

I've attached-I hope- a pic or two recently.  They are
due for another  
grooming although I do comb them every day!  Thanks
so much for  
raising such wonderful little friends.  They make us
laugh and just so  
Have a great week-end- think spring has arrived up
there in full  
force!   Love & hugs & licks-  Susan, Bailey and Cubby

Ps can't wait to see them at the lake in NY!
Sue-We were thinking of you in all of the snow and
Mommy was working in the garden and we asked
her to take our pictures for you to see us watching
her work!  We hope spring will be there soon!
Love, hugs, and licks--
Bailey II and Cubby Jr.

Ps-we had our 6 month birthday party yesterday.  
We treats.  Whew, we ran around really fast but
always came back to Mommy and Daddy!  We
know when we have it good- LOL!!!
Hi! My mom kept us in a a big room and we slept in a big cage. It had
lots of toys though.  Then we went for a big ride in the car and every
time we stopped to "pee", there were funny smells and noises that we
didn't know.  We got home last night and had our first dinner in our
new house.  We were really tired out!
This morning, my mom took us for a big walk and silly Cubby got two
sand spurs in his paw!  Mom took them out as they really hurt!  Then
we went out to breakfast and everyone said we were cute!  We are
really tired but we think that our life is going to be really nice!  Mom
says that Daddy is  going to  take us to the beach so I'll make her send
you a picture of us running on the sand!

Much love to you-  Bailey II
and                                                                         Cubby Jr.
Both Bailey and Cubby Jr. passed their vet visit with flying colors.   
He gave them second shots and some deworming stuff.  They were
good as gold at his office and showed no fear or any nervousness!
They are having fun and are learning to sit already- although their
enthusiasm gets in the way sometimes!
Best wishes to you and thanks again for having such gorgeous little
Fondly-   Susan & George
Bailey and Cubby Jr.

Bailey and I wanted to tell you congratulations-we think you
have them?  My Mommy says probably not but I have
Bailey for fun anyway!  
for big walks and we play with tennis balls!  My brother is
faster than me but I steal the ball and all of his toys.  He gets
mad though and bites my tail!  On Monday morning after my
walk, I ran into the pool area and fell in the pool!  I was
scared but knew how to swim. My Mommy ran and took me
out immediately and wrapped me in towels and got Daddy
to help make me feel better.  Now, I am afraid was just
clumsy and fell in!  We are really getting to be big boys and
getting our manners too!  My brother learns faster than me
but I'm cuter- LOL!! That's not really true, I'm cute and my
brother(uncle) is beautiful!
We just got back from the park and it was hot!  My Mom
brought water for us!  She is so nice and thinks of
everything!  She brushes us everyday and tried to trim our
hair but we wouldn't let her!  She said she'll take us to a
professional.  I don't like the sound of that but she won't
leave us there alone-she promised!

My Mommy is sending you some pictures of us for you for
Valentine's Day.  See our big boy licenses and ID tags!  We
still like to play with toys though and love to sleep.  
Mommy says we get cranky around 5 and need naps.  We
hate naps but we feel better afterwards!  We just play too
hard sometimes and need rests because we are still babies!

I hope that your new puppies are cute and healthy like us!  If
they have new homes someday as nice as ours, they will be
very lucky!
Love and licks to you-    Cubby Jr.
Christiansburg, we both slept with Mommy to keep us safe.  
We are having so much fun hiking and smelling great things
and hearing so many new sounds!  We saw some chipmunks
and squirrels- it is sooo fun!
Tomorrow we are going out for a boat ride- we are scared
but Mommy will help us!   It's great to go on hikes with pine
every night to keep us clean  HELP!!  LOL We mostly
sleep with Daddy as he is so big and safe for us!
We love our lives and are soo happy that we are        We
love our lives and are soo happy that we are getting getting
a new baby "brother" pretty soon!  We are soo lucky and
happy!  We loved our lives with you but this is GREAT!!   
We hope that you are well as are all of CUBBY'S brothers
and sisters!  Cubby is a busy man for  sure!  Love to you
all!  Bailey and Cubby Jr..
sure!  Love to you all!  Bailey and Cubby Jr..

Dear Cubby & Bailey,

Thank you so much for the lovely email!  I am so happy to
hear you are enjoying your vacation!  Sounds like so much
fun!!  How exciting to hear you are going to have another
What a happy time for you all!  Blessings on your summer!
Love to you and your new Mommy & Daddy,
Mama Sue
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CUBBY JR!!  He's a big boy now
but he'll always be my baby!  He's such a little "Mommy's
boy".  We are the luckiest people to have such lovely little
boys!   Ice Cream party today!  Thanks so much for ?"High
Calling Cockers"- the best!   Love & hugs & licks-  Susan
We went to the roomers today and look sooo beautiful1  the groomer said
that he (Cubby) had soo much hair!  What a surprise to hear that!  They
don't call him Cubby Bear for nothing!  Anyway, we are sooo happy and  
thought we'd say hi and send you some pics!  Love to you and hugs and  
licks!  Love-  Bailey and Cubby Jr.