Hi Sue,

I just wanted to let you know that Bella is doing great! We're still working on house training and
hopefully we'll have a dry night in her crate soon and she's really cutting her upper teeth! We're
working on the no bite rule.

She's walking without pulling or biting the leash too much. When she starts I either stop until she's
ready to continue her lesson or distract her with a squeaky toy to get her moving forward.

I gave her a little slice of sweet potato (they're dried and baked all natural) she loves them. She'd
eat the whole container if she knew where it was! They help with the teething just chewy enough to
give her jaws a workout. She only gets one small slice every other day. She has several teething
chews and they get a massive use during the day.

Where do you get the disposable leashes? I really like using the one you sent with Bella. It's a
perfect length for my size!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Blessings to all,
Cherrie' and Bella
Hi Mamma Sue,

It's me, Bella! I'm sorry I haven't written but there has been so much going on at
my house. I'm sad that I don't get to see Grammy anymore at the Nursing Center.
Mom really misses her but she told me Grammy's in a very special place called
Heaven. It sounds great! My job is to get Mom to smile when's she's sad. I do a
very good job at that! Also, we go to visit all the residents at the Nursing Center
and you won't believe it but everyone knows my name! I even get special treats at
the Nurses Stations and sometimes, if my Mom would let me, the residents want to
give me special food they've saved just for me! But, Mom is very strict about rules,
no food unless it's from my treat bag. I go though all my commands and they tell
me I'm a very smart girl and one of the prettiest cocker spaniels they've ever seen.

I had my Mom send you some new photos! Look at me in all that white stuff
again! It's really strange, I went to sleep the night before and there wasn't any of
this cold, wet, white stuff. I woke up and look what happened again! Mom laughs
at me when I go out at first, cause I stalk it! Then I slap it with my paw and next I
pounce on it and try to gobble it up. Next we have loads of fun running around in
the snow. Mom told me we're getting ready for a new winter storm moving into
our area. I hope there's more snow, I don't like the rain. If it's raining I wait on the
kitchen porch until I have on my snood, my coat and most importantly, I wait until
my Mom has opened the big umbrella before I venture outside.

Mom has been doing something called remodeling. The kitchen is almost finished,
we have a new soapstone woodstove and just loads of things for me to smell and
get into.

Give all my family my best puppy love and tons of kisses. Thank you again
Mamma Sue for letting me come to live with my Mom. I'm trying to make you
proud. Mom tells me I'll be getting a sister. I'm not sure what that is but Mom
reads about the adventures of Bonnie and Betsy. This has me thinking... Maybe it
will be a good thing!

Puppy wiggles,
Mama Sue, Mama Sue!

It's Christmas! I was so surprised when I went into the front room this morning! In my bed
was a large white and black dog with a small white and tan friend!! I ran toward them, stopped,
stretched my nose as far as I could. I was so startled my back leg began to shake, I backed all
the way across the room. I wasn't going to go near those "whatever they are!" It wasn't until
my Mom picked them up, played with them and called softly to me that I finally came to
investigate. When Mom squeaked the toys that was it, time for a game of fetch and catch me
if you can.

Mom took lots of pictures of me and my new toys! I was such a silly girl, just wait until next
year! I'll be ready. We watched a special program that had lots of singing and piano playing! I
love to listen to the music. I think I still remember the music from your house because I
always stop and listen when Mom goes to your web site.

I've got loads to do so I'd better hurry! I haven't even eaten my special turkey dinner!! I've
been too busy today!

Merry Christmas to all!

Puppy smiles and tons of kisses,
Your special Princess Bella
Hi Sue,

Wow, how this week as gone! Bella is doing well! She's adjusting to her new home and all the
activities that go on. She always goes to the post office with me. That way we get to meet lots of
people and she hears lots of different sounds. She heard our Blue Jays and Catbirds yesterday
along with the Crows and the Woodpecker!

We're working hard on our house training. It's been a while for me and I'm the one having to get
back into the swing, Bella usually tries to let me know but sometimes I miss her signal. Bad Mom!
We're getting there!

At night I'm using the piddle pads. There are just too many animals out prowling including bears,
bobcats, foxes and coyotes!

She's learning that if she howls when she in her Kennel Mom doesn't come! Especially, when I
know that there isn't anything wrong.

I forgot to tell you that when we were on our way to Atlanta I almost called your cell phone
number! But then I got a clear message not too but to trust in Christ! I'd prayed and asked that
he be in control and take care of any thing that was going on. As always, he knew best!! Isn't he
so wonderful!

I'd better go for now, I'll talk later! Have a most blessed day!

Hugs, love and puppy kisses,
Cherrie' and Bella
Princess Bella
My new mommy is
an author!
I will be loved forever by
Cherrie' & Family
Tuckaseegee, North Carolina
and especially little
3 Weeks Below

I wanted to send a special tribute to you for the beautiful work you do. Christ has brought
great blessing to you, your family and all those you touch through your web site and the
precious babies that you tenderly care for. I pray that you will continue in this unique and
special work that Christ has called you to do.

Now, to my baby girl Bella: Soon it will be time for you to take a wonderful journey but
don't be afraid. Daisy and Mamma Sue have loved and cradled you from your very first
moments. You're my special girl, loved from afar but ever near my heart. You're coming
to our farm in the mountains of North Carolina. There's lots to see and do here! A large
yard with trees and plenty of room to romp and play. You'll not be too lonely, besides
your new Mom, there's Grammy and lots of people in our large family. I know it will be
scary for a little while, but you'll be love by all and soon you'll be settled into your new
family. Just wait and see! Bella, you'll have lots of toys, special teething toys, a beautiful
bed and oh so much more! You'll be meeting your Vets and groomer's soon and I know
you'll love them.

Sleep tight tonight my precious and nuzzle your mommy, brothers and sisters because
soon all of you will go to those special forever homes. Special prays to you Bella and all
the Martin clan.

Love and hugs,
Cherrie' (Bella's Mom)

My sweet, precious little girl, today is a long day for your new Mom
waiting until tomorrow is very hard. That's when you come home. I can't
wait to hold you and feel your warm kisses. I'll be waiting for you at the
airport so don't worry. You'll even get to meet our little Emma. She can't
wait for Aunt Cherrie's puppy to come home. Cuddle with Mommy Daisy
and give plenty of kisses to Sue and all the Martins.

Nuzzle Mommy Sue and whisper thank you for such a special little puppy.
Christ has blessed her in a special way and may his light forever shine
through her. Know that you're coming to a wonderful Christ filled home
with tons of love. Tomorrow, Sunday, we'll begin our new journey
together. I believe that it's Christ sent because Sunday is our Lord's day
and a day to begin anew! When I lost my cocker spaniel, Sydney, in
March, my heart was broken and I prayed that Christ would guide me to a
wonderful breeder and he did! Christ answers prayers!

I'll see you soon! Have a wonderful day with everyone there.

Blessings to all,
Cherrie' (Bella's New Mom)
Hi Mama Sue,

It's me Bella! I told my new Mom to write and tell you and my real Mom, Daisy, that I love my new
home! I've been so busy playing and learning all about my new family and home.

You'd be so proud, I'm trying real hard not to use the inside of my kennel or anywhere in my new
home. I found out I don't like a wet towel in my kennel! I even went to the door three times all by
myself and let my Mom know I needed to go to my special outside spot! I was playing so hard last
night that I forgot and started to tinkle but Mom ran and did a puppy scoop, told me No and took me
outside to my spot in a hurry! It was raining! I don't like the rain, everything is wet!  I'll get the hang of
this soon!

Mom gave me a Kong toy and it's loads of fun! It bounces and she even placed a small puppy
Milkbone inside and that really gave me a workout! I'm teething and it can really hurt! Mom squealed
when I bit too hard and placed me on the floor and didn't move. That wasn't any fun! She told me that
I must learn that I can't nip on fingers, toes, shoes, shoelaces and several other things (it was a long
list). But she's really patient with me. Sometimes I catch her looking at me and her has a great big smile
on her face!  I like Grammy too! But, I like to try to nip her fingers and she doesn't like that. Mom
always gives her the teething ring to hold. I'll try and not nip so much! Mom has a special ice toy that
helps my sore gums and mouth.

Last night we were watching this big box with moving people and animals on it. There was a great big
lion (I didn't know what it was until Mom told me) that came walking toward us! I ran and stood
between him and my Mom and Grammy! I was so brave! Mom said I'll be a good watchdog when I
grow up!

I wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful care giver and thank you for all your special time.
Give my real Mom a kiss from me and a great big kiss to you!

I'll ask my Mom to write soon and send photos! She takes lots!

Puppy kisses,
Hi Mama Sue,

You'll be surprised at how well I'm doing! My new Mom took me to the vet, her
name is Dr. Black and I really like her! I gave her plenty of kisses and she even let
me kiss her face! She said I was right where I'm supposed to be and I weigh 5 lbs 6
oz. She gave me my next series of shots and they didn't hurt! All the tech's gave me
kisses and said that I'm such a pretty girl! My Mom said that she'll have to change
my kennel soon because I'm getting taller.

We even went to meet my groomer's there are two very nice ladies, Kathy and
Sylvia, and I really like them. Mom made an appointment for me in three weeks to
get my hair, ears and nails done!

My new Mom takes such good care of me. She washes my paws every morning
when we have to go out in the wet grass. She uses a special mist on me that smells
great and makes my hair so soft! I get brushed and dried. Each morning she checks
my ears, just to make sure that they're ok. She has some special bows for my ears!
She makes them!!

I had my very first baby carrot! I didn't know what to do with it at first but then I bit
into the carrot and it was good! Mom doesn't give too many of them to me, she said
I'm still too little for more than one every other day.

I really like my new home. My Mom lets me explore, as long as she's right beside
me, in the house and outside. I can only be off leash for a short time when Emma
and Charlie come to visit and play. We have loads of fun running! We have a
special game, we run and when I get near my Mom yells "Freeze" and everyone
stops! It's a fun game, I get to catch up and then we take a break in the shade.
Emma loves me and gives kisses too! Sometimes I forget and I nip, but Mom told
Emma exactly what to do. She says, "No nip, nip" and then gives me a toy. When I
chew the toy she tells me I'm such a good girl! Wow, I have a wonderful new
family. I'll never forget my real Mom and brother and sisters. But most of all I'll
always remember that a wonderful family was able to give me such special care for
my first weeks of life. You were a very special human Mom to me and I'm glad you
let me come to live here.

That's all for now but I'll have my Mom write soon to let you know what's going on.
I'm meeting lots of people and learning about waking on a leash. Mom is even
starting to teach me how to sit and wait.

Love to you Mama Sue!!

Hi Sue,

Just wanted to wish your family a wonderful Labor Day! We had a small family
get-together on Saturday evening! Loads of fun, Emma and Charlie came over earlier in
the day to play with Bella. They really had such fun.

Bella has learned to sit on command! She's trying very hard to learn how to "wait" at the
door. Bella loves the special beef liver treats that I give her for going outside and sitting!
She loves her bright yellow tennis ball and carries it by the fuzz! She's so cute when she
does that. We played outside with it and when we came in she ran, flopped down, spread
her legs out in back and promptly fell asleep.

She is a really smart little girl and from what I'm reading so are her brothers and sisters!
Wouldn't it be wonderful if a year from now they could all meet again...well that's what
dreams are made of...hope and faith!

Hope your son is doing well at his base. Is he still going for the tank service?

Blessings and many hugs...oh and lots of puppy kisses too!

Cherrie' and Bella
Hi Sue,

I thought I'd let you know that Bella saw her first Butterfly today! It landed right in front of her! She
went into curious, alert mode. Head up, ears and tail up but no barking! When the butterfly flew she
wanted to chase it but because she was on her leash she couldn't but we walked close by so she could
keep watching. She was amazed!

She's only barked twice since she's been here. Both times her little milk bone ended under the couch,
wonder how that happened, ha, ha! Otherwise she's curious about her surroundings not scared when
there's strange sounds, especially when the Great Horned Owl hoots and the coyotes bay!

Bella is learning to use her piddle pads at night, there's just too many wild animals roaming around
the mountains and it would be dangerous for us to be outside. I don't want to meet a bobcat or bear in
the dark!

She loves getting belly rubs from Grammy and me! She'll flop over, belly up with a grin on her face!
I'm going to try to get a photo of that!

(Since she's teething), we're continuing to work on the no bite rule using both the ouch method and a
noisy soda can as a distraction. The little bop on her nose only made her want to continue, thinking it
was a game! That silly little girl. Most will stop with a little nose bop but she didn't so I changed
tactics. We'll get the hang of this soon. But she knows how to sit on command and is learning to wait
at the door!

I found out that she loves the tiled bathroom! If she gets really quiet I can almost always find her
there, curled up sleeping between the sink and bathtub! Sometimes she gets in the far corner under
the commode, I'm not certain why but it must be cooler there. We've had several very hot days and
now we're watching hurricane Hannah.

Mother and I are going to the grocery store to stock up with a few extra supplies, it's getting that
time of year again.

That's all for now. We pray for you and your family each day and can't thank you enough for our
precious little bundle of joy. I registered her as Crescent View Joyful Bella which happens to be the
name of our farm and she is a joy!

Blessings, hugs and puppy kisses,
Cherrie' and Bella
Hi Sue,

I just wanted to let you know that Miss Bella is really smart! You won't believe this but that little girl figured
out how to open the piddle pad tray! She unlocks the handles, I knew she was watching me but I didn't expect

She's growing by leaps and bounds. She bounces and prances through the house, wants lots of belly rubs and
not to mention all her puppy kisses! She's still a wiggle worm like in her photo!

She's learning not to bite (that takes a bit of time but it's getting better), she loves her pink monkey, drags
her soccer ball everywhere and has started hurtles across her bed like an Olympic star!

Tomorrow she goes to the groomer and next week she'll see her vet for her next series of shots.

My cousin and her family stayed in Houston during Ike but they were extremely lucky! God kept them in his
care. They've now left Houston to stay with friends. Her husband's business was damaged but he and a friend
are staying to make certain everything is fine.

Blessing and puppy kisses,
Cherrie' and Bella
Hi Sue,

I just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know that the groomers couldn't believe their eyes! They
said that Bella is the best looking cocker spaniel they've seen in some time. She meets the breed
standards, holds her head high and has such a wonderful personality! They couldn't stop talking about
her! Now they call her Princess.

When we got home she pranced around the house just like hot stuff, head high and her tail going a mile
a minute.

The credit goes to you as a breeder and to God for giving you a special gift with his creatures.

Blessing to you and your family!

Cherrie' and Bella (Now, Princess Bella)
Hi Mama Sue,

Can you tell my Mom that it's okay if I chase the grasshoppers, butterflies
and rabbits? I get to "watch" them and Mom even lets me nose the
grasshoppers but they don't want to play! They keep hopping away, and the
pretty butterfly flew away before I could even say hello! As for the rabbit, I
just get to watch it from the house, the walkway or the driveway!

I love my new home even if I can't do everything that I want to do. Mom told
me it's called boundaries and limitations! Those are really scary sounding
words but I must be doing a good job because I get lots of belly rubs and
really good treats!

I'm sleeping though the night and I even have a new soft pink pillow mat that
fits in my kennel. It's so soft and warm. It's starting to get cold here at night. I
wanted to crawl into my Mom's bed but she said "No" and placed me gentle
into my kennel. Just wait.......I might have a plan but I'll have to get a little

I went to the groomer's yesterday and I really like them. I met lots of friendly
dogs and that made me a little sad because I miss my real Mom and all my
brothers and sisters. I also miss you and all the other Martins. But they made
me feel so good! I gave kisses to everyone and they even called me a
"Princess." When we got home I pranced around the house just to make
certain that everyone knows that I'm a true Princess (although I don't really
know what that means but it sounds important).

Mom said that Brittany, Emma and Charlie are coming for a visit on Monday.
I hope we get to play together for a little while. Mom takes lots of photos and
I hope she sends you some soon. Just wait until you see me!

It's time for my nap. I'm soooooo sleepy!

Puppy kisses,
Hi Mama Sue,

This is serious, I wore my Mom out! Does that mean I have to come all the way back and find a new Mom? I hope not, I
like the one I have right now! She's laughing and telling me I'm running circles around her. She's a really good Mom and I'll
try not to wear her out too much! She teaches me lots of things and then we play and have loads of fun. I love to chase the
leaves but I can't play with the chestnut burrs! We have two big chestnut trees on the South side of the house and three big
maples in the front yard. That's where the squirrels live! Mom even let me taste a little piece of a chestnut, it was good! She
won't let me have too much, because I'm still too little. Will I ever grow up?

My Grammy gave me a few pieces of banana. Wow, I couldn't get enough! I get to try lots of new foods but not everything
that I smell. There's a few things I'd like to try but Mom tells me "No"! Maybe I can find a way to sneak up and get a little
bite? Don't tell Mom! That's our secret!

I couldn't wait for my Mom to tell you about all the latest! First, it gets cold at night, burrrrrrrrr, but my Mom bought me
something very special. It's a bed warmer and it keeps me nice and warm all night. After I got Mom up and we took our trip
outside, I ran back and jumped into my warm bed! Wow, it's so nice and I went back to sleep while Mom was in the
kitchen fixing breakfast! She didn't know that I saw her peeking into the bedroom and she had a big smile on her face! I just
turned over, belly up and went to sleep after that! Life is so good and thanks again Mama Sue for being a very special
person and finding me such a great Mom.

Second, did I tell you that Mom plays the flute? Actually, it's the Native American Flute! I love to sit and listen to her play.
She told me that she's still learning and must keep practicing. I think she's plays great! Well, except when she hits a funny
note that send shivers down my back but I just pretend that it's perfect. Some days she's really busy and doesn't have time
to play but when she does it's fun! I even fell asleep once while she was playing and I heard her tell Grammy that she must
be playing better.

I went to my vet today and I kissed everyone in the office! I walked all the way back to the exam room on my leash. I didn't
pull once, which made Mom really happy! They're so nice at the vets, I got a bone just for sitting quietly in the waiting room
and then I got another bone after they gave me my shots! I didn't even know they'd given them to me because I was so
excited to see the doctor. The tech keeps lots of puppy bones in her pockets, just wait, next time I'm going to try and reach
in by myself. You'll never guess, but I weigh 9 lbs! Mom told the vet that I'm still teething, these last four teeth really hurt!
Then the vet asked if I was house trained and Mom had to tell her that I'm not there yet. But we're working hard on that
part, maybe soon, because I know that will make Mom really happy!

That's all for now, give my Mom Daisy and Daddy Cubby a big wet kiss from Bella. Thinking of all my favorite people in
the Martin clan.

Tail wagging happy thoughts,
Personal note from Sue:
I just received this beautiful musical "Worry Box" from
Cherrie'.  It is truly exquisite, with angels having crystals
in their halo's.  It plays Wind Beneath My Wings.  The
words on her card read:  "Hope you're doing better after
your fall!!  May Christ always lift you up in His tender
Hugs, Cherrie' and Bella"
How can I ever thank you, Cherrie??  It is beautiful, and
I am honored to receive such a gorgeous gift.  Thank you!

Love,  Sue

Christ has truly blessed you with both a special husband and a beautiful
family. His love is far above our own understanding but he gives us a
glimpse through his death on the cross. That small spark grows within
our heart and soul as we journey though life. Hopefully we allow that
small ember to grow and become a bright burning flame for him. Then
we in turn can become a light to others and share Christ's love in all that
we do.

Each of us has a special journey in life. But without Christ that life
would be filled with empty darkness and an unbearable separation from
his love and light. Without Christ my life would have been a bitter
emptiness that would have crumbled my world. Though him I look
forward to a wondrous everlasting life.

You are truly a unique and special light for Christ in all that you do.
May Christ ever bless you and your family.

Cherrie' and Bella
Hi Mama Sue,

It's me, Bella! Guess What? I've learned how to JUMP! I can jump on
the couches, my Mom's bed, in Grammy's lap and even in this big thing
called a bathtub! Boy, my Mom said that I'd gone into hyperdrive! I
don't know what that is? But, if it means I can run super fast then jump
on and off everything in the house then I guess this little girl may have
some new boundaries and limitations. My Mom always tells me there
are house rules and off means off! I know, I know but it's sooooooo
much fun!

I lost a tooth last night when Mom was brushing my teeth! She was so
surprised! She got the tooth and put it in a special box. She told me that
she'd keep it forever, just like Sydney's baby teeth. Sydney was my
Mom's cocker spaniel before me. She went across the Rainbow Bridge
and will be waiting there to meet Mom. Until then I'm taking care of
Mom and Grammy and trying to be a great companion.

I've learned lots of new things, like sit, down, wait and best of all I
know when and how to ring my doggie bell to go outside! I love to ride
in the car, I don't get sick at all. I can walk on my leash, well most of
the time and I'm learning to shake paws (that's a little hard, cause I get
too excited)! Now I'm learning not to jump on people and off means off
(maybe when Mom isn't looking I'll sneak in and get on the bed).

I go next week to the vet for my last shot and they're going to set up my
surgery! That sounds really scary! Mom tells me that it's something that
has to be done but not to worry because the Vets are great and
everything will be fine.

Puppy kisses and Tail wagging happy thoughts,

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Tumbling, rolling, running and jumping. Whirlwind I see with leaves twirling
upward. Bouncing and hopping bunnies are running, why don't they wait for
a fun play date? I see you and you see me, quick as a flash I'm bound for
the couch. Jumping I fly, high in the sky only to land right smack on the
table. Manners are fleeting, while I'm having fun, don't forget, I'm still
learning. Silly things happen that make you laugh, remember these days I'm
growing up fast. Now we can snuggle, warm head in your lap. My days
work is done at last. Puppy snores drift in comforting dreams, tomorrow's a
new day and I'll try my best to remember my manners.
Hi Mama Sue,

Gee, I'm sooooooooo sorry I haven't written you in a long time. Let's see....I'm nine months old today
and I'm growing like a weed. That's what everyone tells me! I've met so many people it's hard to
keep straight. There's all my new family and it's a large one too. I've also met everyone at our post
office, the choir director, several neighbors, the repair man that fixed our washer (he told my Mom
that if she needed a sitter to call him and he'll take care of me) and then our plumber (he's also very

It is so pretty outside but not as warm as last weekend! Emma and Charlie came by to see me and we
played outside for a little while. Then they had to go home and I really missed them.

My Mom was a little sad today, her other cocker, Sydney Alexis, went over the Rainbow Bridge one
year ago today. But I made her feel better by giving her a great big wet puppy kiss on her lips! Right
now I have a big job to help my Mom and Grammy around the house and outside in something called
a garden! Mom said we're going to have tomato's, beans and maybe something else, I forgot. I was
too busy running around the yard to hear everything. I found a mole tunnel and then a rabbit ran right
in front of me! I didn't know what to do so I hurried back to my Mom.

Mom said that she'll send some new photos soon. Give my real Mom and Dad an extra hug from me.
I'll never forget the special time at your home and all the love you gave.

Loads of puppy kisses,
Hi Mamma Sue,

Something is up! Today I had two of my favorites, a few pieces of steak and a slice of chicken breast. It was YUMMY! I
rode with my Mom to the Post Office and you wouldn't believe what arrived! A large bag of Science Diet Adult (small bites)
Dog Food!! Does this mean I'm not a puppy anymore? I don't feel any different... I still love to play, watch the squirrels,
chase butterflies and fireflies.

My Mom whispered I'll be 1 year old tomorrow! Has it been that long Mamma Sue? How are my brothers and sisters doing?
Mom said she'll send some new photos soon! If I'm lucky, I'll have a Blueberry Muffin for my birthday cake (the only
problem, she doesn't let me have the entire muffin at once).

I'd better go for now but I'll write and send photos soon!! That's a promise!

Tail wagging love and puppy kisses,

Princess Bella~
Hi Mamma Sue,

Mom took me to the Nursing Center today to visit Grammy. Then she told me we
had to go to the Director of Nursing, the Activities Director and then downstairs to
meet Steve in Administration because I have a very important job. What's a job?
As long as it involves tons of love, petting and belly rubs I'm all for it. While we
were downstairs Mom and I had to have our pictures taken. Well, they weren't too
sure how they were going to get my photo, the camera was attached to the
computer, until Mom asked them where they wanted me. Guess what? Mom had
me sit in the chair without my leash, then gave the commands "wait" then "watch
me" which I did. They couldn't believe I did this without the leash! In fact they
told us this was the first time one of the pet volunteers had followed commands
while the photo was taken and being processed (I don't really know what that
means) but I got a shiny new badge which I wear on my visits. I'm sending you a
copy, I hope my new badge photo came though.

I love reading about all the High Calling Cocker puppies. Maybe I need to talk with
Bonnie or Lani about this sister thing.

Tail wagging happy thoughts and puppy kisses,
Bella (It's time for a nap after work)
Hi Sue,

I couldn't wait to tell you the news. Bella is now one of the Nursing Center's official
therapy dogs! She will go each Saturday at 1pm and visit all those on our list.
Naturally, she will be visiting on other days when we visit Mom, but her official
duties are on Saturday!

Today, Bella and I were visiting with our Postmaster and she told me Bella was sent
special for me. She said, " Bella is so well behaved and with everything that's
happened with Mom there's no doubt Bella is a four legged angel sent by God to be
with me."

Of course, Bella just takes everything in stride. From the beginning as you told me,
"This little girl has a lot of love to give!" She brings pleasure not only to me but you
can see the joy in those she visits at the Nursing Center.

May Christ continue to bless you and your family.

Cherrie' and Bella