First Salute
Given by David's father,
former Marine Sergeant, Michael C. Martin
Keeping with a long tradition,
David gives his father a silver dollar.
Dearest Lord God, King of the Universe~

Counsel and sound wisdom are Yours, You are the God
of all the earth, there is nothing that is hidden from Your
sight. We come to You Lord and ask for Your wise
counsel to be with our military leaders.

We acknowledge Lord, that apart from You we can do
nothing. Please give our commanders the wise guidance
they need, and the wisdom they need for success.

Confound the wisdom of the wicked Lord, and give Your
strategies to our troops. Guide them with Your eye upon
them and bring them through to safety and peace. In the
Name of  Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, Amen!
David and two Colonels resting up during
rehearsal for the Chancellor's Review at
Syracuse University
Military Ball
David Commissioning and Graduation
Syracuse University