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Available Puppies
Are you looking for that perfect cocker spaniel puppy for yourself or
your children, to keep you company while the kids are at school?  A
wonderful dog who is there looking out the window, waiting for the
kids to come home?
Maybe you're retired, and feeling the need to have someone to share
your days with, a precious dog who will be your new best friend.  
Once you look into those eyes, the two of you will have a certain
"understanding", a realization that you belong to one another.  And
no one will ever be able to take that love away.  If this is what you
are searching for, you have found it in a
High Calling Cocker!
Or maybe you have recently lost your best friend and
companion...the one who was always waiting for you at the door,
constantly by your side, and always there at your feet, ...and you
think things will never be the same.
A High Calling American Cocker Spaniel Puppy
will become your new best friend,
tail always wagging, so happy to see you, loving you forever ~
Our cocker spaniel babies are all checked over by
Dr. James Albert
All Creatures Animal Hospital in Amherst, NY, before they leave my home.
Dr. Albert is a
very special veterinarian, and we are so blessed to be able to  
have him check over each puppy before it is placed in its forever home.

dew claws will have been removed and tails docked.  First and
foremost, they will be very well socialized by all of our children and
Our Cocker Spaniel puppies all have
Champion Pedigrees, and their
temperaments are exceptionally sweet.  That's why there is such a demand for
our High Calling Cocker puppies! A sweet and gentle disposition is what our
High Calling Cocker puppies are known for.
We love our dogs, and the love they give us in return cannot be matched.  They
fill my heart with love each and everyday!  Our puppies are most always
scooped up on the day they are born! It's always such an exciting time for us all!

Our puppies are guaranteed for one full year against life-threatening congenital
defects, and are all sold as family pets only, with limited
AKC registration.
What does this mean?  This means your puppy can participate in Agility trials,
Obedience , Rally and sporting events, but cannot be bred or shown in
Conformation.  I furnish a health certificate from Dr. Albert at no charge to you,
a blanket with their mommy's scent, and your new baby's favorite toy.

When the puppies are born, you may choose your new baby from pictures on my
website.  At that time I will accept a money order, personal check, or
transaction for your non-refundable deposit of $200 to reserve your puppy. I
require cash, money order, or cashier's check for the balance on the day you take
your puppy home.  You may pick your puppy up here at 8 weeks, or if it would
help you, I am willing to drive part of the way to get your puppy to your waiting
arms. This allows  you to get home the same day, in time to introduce your new
baby to his or her new home, and to his (or her) new family.  I usually meet my
families in either Syracuse, NY, or Erie, PA.

I am willing to send your precious new baby by air if need be, anywhere in the
continental United States, and have shipped many, many times. I am conveniently
located to Buffalo-Niagara International Airport. I have used Delta and
Northwest Airlines on occasion, but really like
United Airlines/Continental's Climate Controlled Program, which allows me to
ship puppies at all times of the year.
I have had puppies shipped to me also, over the past 40+ years.  The puppies
come off the plane happy, with their tails wagging, and are absolutely thrilled to
meet their new owners! Shipping is a flat fee of $350. This price covers the
puppy's airfare, the travel crate, health certificate and my time and travel to the
Buffalo Airport.
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Of course, you are very welcome to fly here,  to the Buffalo-Niagara
Airport, and take your precious little one back home with you as a
"carry-on" if you would feel better about that. I will be happy to meet you
there with your new baby in my arms.  My airport delivery fee is $50.
Just bring a puppy carrier (sherpa bag) along with you.  :")

You can read about the joy and happiness our High Calling Cocker puppies
have brought to their new families on our Past Puppies pages. If you think
you would like to provide a  "forever home"  for a High Calling Cocker
Puppy,  send me an email, and together we'll decide if one of our babies is
meant to go home with you.  

I care deeply about my puppies, and am very particular about where they
go to live "forever".  Many of you write telling me you just lost your
beloved cocker, and are looking for a new precious baby to help heal your
hurting heart. I am so sorry for each and everyone of you who are going
through that pain, and will do my best to bring you joy again with one of
our High Calling puppies.
Click on the links below to see some of our recent litters:
Please email me if you would like to open your heart to
one of our High Calling Cocker babies.
This Smilebox Slideshow that I made above has
a great many more of the more recent pictures
sent by my puppy families.  
Dr. James Albert
Licensed Veterinarian
Technician, Brittaney
All Creatures
Animal Hospital
Amherst, NY
Copyright © 2015  High Calling Cockers  
All Rights Reserved.
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