Hi, Mommy Sue!  This is Lani, and I am three months old today!  
Mommy and Daddy helped me celebrate with lots of puppy treats and

Today wasn't all good though.  I had to go to see the vet again, and he
stuck me with something that hurt my butt!  He was pretty nice
otherwise though.  He said I weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz., and that I am a
very healthy little girl.  At least I don't have to go back to the vet for
three more weeks now.  I hope he doesn't stick me with that sharp
thing again....  

Mommy Sue, I have to tell you about something called "wind".  Last
week, I was outside going potty, and that "wind" nearly knocked me
over!  I ran over to Daddy to have him protect me!  Mommy and
Daddy said it was the worst wind they had ever seen since they left
Florida.  (where ever that is....)  Anyway, we lost something called
"electricity", and it was allfully quiet around here for a few days.  It
was dark at night too!  The electricity came back on, and everything is
back to normal now.  

Well, I gotta run now.  It is time to chew something up that I am not
supposed to!  Tee hee he....  

Love, Lani
Hi, Mommy Sue!  This is Lani.  

My new mommy and daddy are great!  They have lots of fun things
to play with, and lots of new things for me to learn about.  They said
I was SUCH a good girl on the long trip home, and I never pottied
anywhere that I wasn't supposed to!  I got puppy treats just because I
went potty in the grass!  That is a pretty sweet deal for me, because I
can do that every day!  Mommy and daddy said they certainly hope

We stopped off for a visit with Shelby and Todd in Columbus, and
they gave me lots more presents and treats to take home with me.  
So, I REALLY like them too!  They had two grown up dogs, but I
couldn't meet them yet.  They were afraid I might hurt the big dogs,
because I had too much "in-ur-gy", or something like that.  Anyway, I
get to meet them when I get bigger.  

Most of the ride home I slept in my new crate in the minivan.  I
REALLY LIKED sleeping in my crate!  Every once in a while, daddy
hit something called a "bump" and it would wake me up.  I would
raise my head up to tell him I didn't like that.  Then I would lay my
head back down, and go back to sleep.  

Anyway, we got home about 7:30.  Since I had lots of sleep and rest
on the way home, mommy and daddy said I hit something called
"high gear" when I got to my "Forever Home".  I don't know what
that means, but I don't have time to think about that right now, cause
Mommy and Daddy are busy looking for something called my "Off
Switch".  They haven't been able to find it!  Do you know where it is,
Mommy Sue??  

Give Daisy, Cubby, and all the other High Calling Cockers lots of
wet, sloppy kisses from me, and tell them that I miss them very
much, and that I will never forget them.  I think I will love my new
home too.  

Thank you, Mommy Sue for taking such good care of me, and for
finding me such a wonderful "Forever Home".  My new mommy and
daddy said to thank you for them too!  They say I am SUCH a
sweetheart.  I think that will help me get lots of treats, toys, and

Hugs and Kisses!  ...Lani Angelette
Lani Angelette~
"Lani Angelette"
I will be loved forever by Ken and Pam
Ohhhhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyy...
we're gonna get a new baby to love!
Sue, Lani met her new veterinarian today, and she got her second shot.  
She reacted a little to the shot, but she was still very good.  Our doctor
gave her a perfect bill of health, and he wanted to take her home with
him.  She is SO sweet and loveable, she steals the hearts of everyone she

Lani also met her groomer today, and we made an appointment for her
next week.  She really needs a bath, because she has way too much fun
outside in the yard, and she finds a lot of dirt in the process of doing so!  
We'll be sure to send you the link to some pictures after her grooming
next week.  Oh yeah, the groomer wanted to keep her too!  

We took some great pictures of her with her new doctor!

We hope everything is going well for you and yours.  

May God Bless you all!  ...Ken & Pam
Hello, Mommy Sue.  This is Lani.  I still miss you and all the Martin family.  I
miss all the other High Calling Cockers too, but my new home is really nice.  
Since I am the only puppy here, I get ALL the attention, and I am learning lots
of new things, and having lots of fun.  

As you know, my new mommy and daddy are training me to "go outside" to
"potty".  I'm learning really fast, because I love the puppy treats I get just for
going potty outside on the grass!  (Don't tell Mommy and Daddy, but
sometimes I stop right in the middle of it, get a treat, and then "go" again in a
second spot.  That way, I get ANOTHER treat!)  

I don't like it when I have to go potty really early, when it is still dark and scary
outside, and the grass is cold and wet.  I had rather wait until I get back inside
on something nice and dry before I potty, but Mommy and Daddy don't like
that at ALL!  

You wouldn't believe it, but yesterday morning, that cold and wet stuff was
actually falling from the SKY!  But, I wanted to be a "good girl" anyway so I
could get my puppy treat.  So, I went ahead and pottied outside, while that
cold, wet stuff was falling all over me.  That made my new mommy and daddy
SO happy, I couldn't BELIEVE IT!  I guess they didn't know that I only
wanted my puppy treat......  

Anyway, puppy life is good here in Ohio, and I think I will stay a little while
longer.  Thank you for finding me such a good home.  

I love you, Mommy Sue!  Wet and sloppy kisses!  ...Lani Angelette
Lani Meets Dr. Sawdai
I'm being a GOOD GIRL!
My ears are CLEAN, Dr. Sawdai!
Whacha doin' to my belly?
I DON'T LIKE shots!
Dr. Sawdai
wants to take me home
with HIM!
How does my heart sound,
Sue, Pam and I were just thinking about you, and we were
wondering how you were doing after that nasty spill you had.  
We are hoping and praying you are recovering well.  Don't be
stuborn - if you NEED to go to the doctor - GO!  

Lani is doing great!  She still takes up most of our waking
moments, but she brings such love and joy into our lives, we
can't imagine our lives without her.  We let her have the "run of
the house" more all the time, but we still have to keep a close
eye on her.  I swear, she can get into something she shouldn't
faster than you can blink an eye!  

We are heads over heels in love with that puppy!  Well,
actually, we loved her long before we ever touched her, but
evenso, we grow to love her more every day!  

When we get her groomed again (next Saturday), we'll try to get
some more pictures.  She is getting bigger and cuter all the

God Bless you, Sue!  ...Ken & Pam
Hello, Sue!  We haven't talked to you in a while, but we are always
thinking of you.  We hope and pray you have recovered from that
fall you had.  

Lani makes our house a home again!  And, she is simply getting
sweeter and more loveable all the time!  We dropped her off at the
groomer this morning, and the house felt really empty and strange
without her at home to greet us.  We can't imagine how we could
cope without her.  We are truly blessed!  

We took Lani for her last puppy shots today, and then she went to
the groomer afterwards.  (She had a FULL morning!)  Since she
was clean (for the moment) when she came home, we took some
pictures of her, and we thought we would share them with you.  

I just attached the pictures to this email.  If these attachments take
too long to download, let me know and I won't do that way again.  

We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do!  

We love this dog!  
No, we
LOVE this dog!

God Bless the Martin family, and High Calling Cockers!
...Ken & Pam
Hello, Sue!  Pam and I were thinking about you, and hoping that the Lord
is filling you with all of His blessings.  We became official members of our
church last Sunday, and thought you might like to know that.  The Lord
continues to bless us each and every day, and we praise Him for it!  We
truly believe that Lani is one of His blessings!  

We saw Bailey's Halloween pictures, and we really enjoyed them.  We
thought we would take a few pictures of Lani with some Halloween
decorations on her 1st Halloween.  I have attached a few of them to this

Lani is now 12 lbs. 4 oz., and she doing great!  She knows what she is
allowed to do, what she isn't allowed to do, and she is becoming more
trustworthy all the time.  She has NEVER seen a stranger - Lani loves
EVERYONE!  In fact, we worry a little that she is SO friendly and
lovable, anyone could probably pick her up and carry her away.  She
would probably be so busy licking them, she wouldn't even make a
sound!  We ALWAYS stay outside with her when she goes out, and we
watch her closely to prevent something like that.....  We love Lani so
MUCH, and we want to do EVERYTHING we can to protect her!
Oh my....I am getting a new"baby sister"!
Libbi Christiana" is coming to live with me!
I have a big smile on my face!
Mom and Dad brought me
a brand new baby to love.  
Libbi Christiana (above) has come to our home!