I will be loved forever
Neil Thompson and Family
President, Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.
Topeka, Kansas
Makers of the
Science Diet and the Prescription Diet!
I am going to join Bobby and Izzy, and live
with Neil and his Family
Topeka, Kansas!
I am one "truly-blessed" little puppy!
Leilani is absolutely gorgeous. We
are all thrilled!

I will send you some photos this weekend. Incredibly, Leilani is clean at night and is
very close to being fully house trained. I don't agree with "crating" dogs overnight
so she has the run of her pen, and despite this shows remarkable control!!

She spent 15 mins at the office yesterday and naturally everyone fell in love with
her. I will refer anyone interested to you. As you might expect, we are all animal
lovers here.

Best wishes