Libbi Christiana~
"Libbi Christiana"
Cream Female
I will be loved forever by
Ken & Pam
Hamilton, Ohio
Libbi was welcomed by
Lani Angelette,
the sweet girl Ken and Pam adopted from us last year.
It was so nice to see her again.  I just wanted to
take her back home with me! What a beauty!
Libbi means "My God is Bountiful", and Christiana
means "Follower of Christ"
Sept 5th, 2009
Lani watching
Pam and Libbi outside
Sept 5th, 2009
Libbi wants a nap,
and Lani poses for one last picture
Libbi wearing her ear for a hat!
Where did Mom go?
Lani and Libbi
Sept.5, 2009
Lani and Libbi
February 6, 2010
Hi Momma Sue!  This is Lani and Libbi!  

We just got back from the groomer, and Daddy took some pictures of us to send to
you.  Libbi just had her 11 month birthday, and she is already a little bit bigger than

As you can tell from the pictures, Mommy and Daddy love us very much, and that
helps us get our way.  Daddy says we are "spoiled rotten", but we don't understand
that...  We think we are just loved - a WHOLE LOT!  

Anyway, we are pretty tired from all of the grooming and posing, so we need to go
take a puppy nap now.  We'll wake back up soon, and you can bet we'll find
SOMETHING to get into that we aren't supposed to.  Tee he he....  

We hope you like the pictures!  We appreciate all the love and care you gave us
when we first came into this world, and we are glad you sent us to a great home in
Ohio.  Mommy and Daddy are very glad you did too!  
God Bless High Calling Cockers and the entire Martin Family!  ...Lani & Libbi
PS..  Daddy named one picture, "As you can see, getting groomed is HARD WORK - I
wonder why Mom is tired".  Daddy said he is glad that Mommy has a good sense of
humor and a lot of patience with him...