Hi, Sue!
Here are some new photos (below) for Natalie's web
page. Her little Havanese friends,"Lily" and
"Oliver" love to visit and play. Natalie likes
swimming. She has her own boogie board for floating!
We always have on her PFD for safety-we've seen
her do some things!! Lounging in the chair with
Daddy is a favorite part of her day, especially after a
busy day apple picking. Empire apples are her
favorite! A new destination for her this summer was
the Northshore of MA- Glouster and Rockport.
Love to All,
Mike, Kimmy & Natalie
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Guess what, Natalie?
My name was "Kandy Kane" but my new name is
"Brazilian Sunset Chloe"
and I am coming to live with you!
Kim and Mike
when she was a baby.
Natalie says, "Hey Mama
Sue, what did ya bring
me?"  LOL
One Week
Two Weeks
Three Weeks
Four Weeks
Seven Weeks
Eight Weeks
Kim with Chloe
Natalie and Chloe