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Lou and Sharon
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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Hello Sue,

We wanted to Thank You and Mike for bringing Natasha to us yesterday.  And, of course, to let you know
we all arrived home safely.  Natasha did famously at the airport and on the plane.  She slept most of the
way, only whining a bit when we started the descent into West Palm Beach.  Fortunately, we didn't have a
7 hour layover on our trip home, so it was much better than the trip up.  Thanks also for the tip to check
out Direct Air into Niagara Intl Airport.  Here's a photo of you with your "Cookie," as well as one of
Natasha sleeping soundly as we waited to board the plane (with her special blanket).
Once we arrived home, Natasha promptly emptied her little bladder (on the grass!), and then
began to explore.  We didn't let her roam much, but she claimed the family room as her own.  
She ate, drank some water, played with her toys, and called for attention.  She slept in her
crate, waking me every few hours to go outside.  Of course, she wanted to play, but I wasn't
up for that at 3AM.

She's totally charmed Lou, and my hopes of having a Cocker slightly less spoiled than the last
one are probably in vain.  Today we visited the family vet - Dr. Pryor at the Village Animal
Clinic in North Palm Beach.  As you would expect, she stole the hearts of all the gals and guys
in the office, as well as her vet.  We received many compliments on both her looks and
personality. Dr. Pryor said they seldom see Cocker Spaniel puppies these days, and Natasha
sure is a cutie.
And, as if that wasn't enough excitement for the day, some of our neighbors insisted on meeting
Natasha when we arrived home.  She met their dogs as well.  She ignored them at first, but then
was chasing them to play after just a few moments - we don't think shyness is going to be an issue
with this one!  And, she 's already received two "Welcome Home" gifts from the neighbors

She's doing fine - out like a light at my feet after all the excitement of the day.  I've included some
snapshots taken while she and I waited in the car for Lou to do the grocery shopping - she's quite a
ham.  And then a quick set as she explored the patio. I've yet to have success taking a photo of her
standing up, as she's always running full out.  It seems she has two speeds - All ON and All OFF -
nothing in between.

Thank you very much, and we wish you all the best.  We couldn't have received a more perfect

Lou & Sharon
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida