For all of you out there who reading this on the High Calling Cocker’s website, I
am the privileged and much blessed owner of Mary’s Little Drummer Boy - one of
Sue’s precious and beautiful cocker spaniels. As you can see from the photos,
I have him in a full coat. I can hear those questions going through your
minds, so I thought (with Sue’s permission) that I would answer the most
common grooming questions that I get. I'm going to do it in a question/answer
format, so here goes.

Q: Do you have him professionally groomed?
A: Yes, he goes to the groomer every 5 weeks to be bathed and trimmed. His
groomer is planning to use Drummer for his Master Groomer exam, but that has
been put "on hold" because Chad had to have shoulder surgery. While he is out
of commission, his mother (who is a Master Groomer) has graciously taken over
until Chad is better.

Q: How often do you have to brush Drummer?
A: I brush him every day on a grooming table so that I can do a thorough job.

Q: How long does it take to brush him?
A: I usually spend 20-30 minutes, depending on how thick his coat is at the
time and if there are any mats that I have to work on. Since I brush him every
day, I rarely have to contend with mats.

Q: Does he LIKE all of that brushing?
A: He is a VERY good boy on the grooming table. If he gets restless, it's
usually MY fault - trying to rush through it instead of taking my time or if
there's a bad mat that I have to work on.

I had never owned a cocker spaniel before and it was my dream to keep him in
full coat. It's not too difficult now that it's part of my daily routine, but
I can TOTALLY understand why others would rather keep the coat short! It takes
commitment to keep it this long. It also takes a groomer willing to deal with
a cocker in full coat (and there aren't many groomers who will), as well as a
dog who is very cooperative with the whole process.  And (in case you're
wondering) he does stay cool and comfortable. I make sure of that.

But the most important thing is not the beautiful long coat. It's the
wonderful personality that's under all of that fur! And that is thanks to you,
Sue! He is the most loving, affectionate, and joyful dog that I have ever
owned (and also the most beautiful!). Your superior breeding makes that
possible and I cannot thank you enough.

If any of you bloggers are considering a High Calling Cocker, don’t even
hesitate! You will NOT be disappointed!

Smilin’ and Wavin’ from Colorado!

Mary :o)
Hi Sue,

I wanted to let you know how nice it was to meet you & Mike
Friday, you are lovely people breeding beautiful Cockers.

Sonny & Cher are my 11th & 12th Cockers and without a doubt
they are the best puppies I’ve ever had. Everything about them is
perfect, better than I could have ever hoped for, thank you so
much. We had a long but good trip home on the plane with an
additional 6 hours in the car. They were perfect on the plane not
one mess and they slept in the car again not one mess. They were
glad to get to our forever home and run and play in the grass. They
love to play on my pool cover it’s like playing on a big water bed.
We are getting settled in now and daddy is get some energy back,
he was really tired after the trip. I’m enclosing a few pictures of
them playing in the backyard. I’ve never sent pictures over the
internet before is I hope the file size is ok if not let me know and I’ll
try to change it. Better go now the babies are up from their nap and
ready to play.
PS: Went to my vet yesterday and they both checked out great.


HI Susan -
We made it home  all safe and sound (8 hrs)!   
Our trip was great -although the storm rolled in way too quick and we were sadly unable
to visit with "Timmy-Dexter" and Timmys mama.
That was a bummer!  We did what we could and short time was better then no time. So
sometimes, we gotta like the time that we have I guess.
We are Happy that he"Timmy-Dexter" has a home now- Thats been on our mind!
It was great to see Archie too- he is beautiful and I  would love to know what she does for
therapy with him with people. I'de love to email her- if you could let her know. Applause to
her- for doing such wonderful work!  It was neat to hear Archie and Stella have the same
daddy "Cubby". Cubby must be a wonderful doggie.
Stella had a great evening.
The ride was long, but she was perfect in her crate. Gracies crate was next to hers, so
they pawed through the crate and touched noses together. It was so cute!
We had some playtime before I left Debs ( to come home) they played together rolling on
the grass and on their backs. I think it made the extra 1 1/2 hrs. ride home easier. She
slept the whole time. Bedtime was 10:30pm .She went potty and whimpered some but,
calmed down after 5 min. and slept till 4:30 am then out potty she went.
She went back to bed again and we all got up 2 hrs. after to start our 1st whole day
together . She hasn't had any accidents so far in the house, she been doing great .....but
Im not going to hold my breath.  
Stella has a very sweet temperament and likes to be cuddled. This is great for my dad -
she likes to be held.
( I'll send pics of him and her another time. I have a busy week here.)
Although the cats have  some adjusting to do, there is some hissing -but its them and not
her. She is a little afraid of them - I don't blame her though after being hissed at! ( I
wouldn't like it either)  But I do put them in their place- no hissing in my house!  
She loves all her play-toys and balls for fetching and  our TOE'S!    OOUCh!!!!! hahaha  She
has a cute whimper and she has started the cocker howl!  I love that- I really do !
They are so cute to watch them try to howl. (I taught my first cocker to sing that way,  and
it was really something to hear and this xmas we will work on opening presents too. Thats
also a moment we look forward too)
She  is a loving puppy and we are happy to have her in our family-  I will keep in touch
with you  Thank you for a beautiful girl!  
below is a  pic of Stella . And a pic of Stella and Gracie playing. Awwwweeeee!
Debs visiting Sunday with her -can't wait to see the girls together again!  They really have
fun together!    
Many Thanks for a beautiful Girl- WE ARE SO HAPPY TO HAVE HER WITH US!
I will keep you updated- many thanks to you Susan-

Hi Sue,
We do have pictures, but  I'm technically challenged when it comes to down
loading pictures, so I really need to rely on Jim or Jimmy, they're about to go on
travel for one last golf trip prior to school starting back, so I'll try to get you some
pictures soon!

Rudy's had an exciting summer, he's gone on several trips with us, I think the
best was our Deep Creek Lake trip a few weeks ago, and he had a blast!  He's a
take care,
Pam and I just thought we should tell you how much you and Lani have already
touched our lives, even though we have not actually met either of you yet.

Lani was born on June 20, 2008. Following a VERY short discussion, we decided
to purchase her on the 21st, and we checked your web site VERY often to admire
her. We truly feel that the songs and inspirations you have on your web site
helped us decide that we needed to get back to church. We attended for the first
time in a long time on June 29th, at Princeton Pike Church of God. (link above)

Last Sunday, July 6th, we re-dedicated ourselves to attending church so that we
can worship the Lord. Even though there was no official "altar call" that Sunday,
we felt the need to go to the altar. We knelt at the altar, asked Jesus Christ to
come into our lives, and we were born again.
We are certain that all the time we spent on your web site helped the Lord to
speak to us, and tell us what He wanted from us. We are still listening, and we
plan to never stop!

You can rest assured that Lani will certainly be living in a Christian home! I
would never have believed that God would speak to us through a puppy we only
saw pictures of on the internet.

BTW, Lani's pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS! Just when we thought she
could NOT get any cuter, she does! That puppy is perhaps loved more than any
puppy ever has been - at least one that has been viewed only over the internet!

We posted this in your guestbook, because we hope that someone else will be
blessed and touched by our experience.

May God Bless High Calling Cockers, and the entire Martin family!

Love, ...Ken & Pam
I've attached new pic of Noah.  Can't even begin to explain how
much we love him.  He's so good natured and obedient.  I just
read a book by Carlo De Vito about his experiences with a dog
named Exley and how he loved him and grew with him.  Both of
them sharing a behavior and learning experience.  One  of the
"....the depth of a friendship has no correlation to the length of
the acquaintance."  How true that is when you think of how
quickly and completely a dog enters your heart to remain there
forever.  And we never forget a single one of these animals who
and cannot be found until that nose nuzzles your hand and you
unconscientously begin stroking his head.
I thank God for finding your website!  When you said that your dogs
were "gentle beyond belief" you weren't kidding!  Dusty is a lovely
example of what all cockers should be!! I can't imagine life without him
and would like to thank you again for the wonderful job you do with
your cockers.  He has been the center of attention everywhere we take
him and he loves it!  If you ever need a reference please feel free to use
my name and email.

Bless you and your family,
Our vet checked Noah over pretty well and said he
was in great shape and the breeders took
excellent care of him; had all his shots up to date;
and also that the products they used on him were
some of the best. He was impressed with the
pup's health and care given him.  Also told us that
Noah seemed to be very intelligent and had an
excellent disposition.  Should you ever need a
reference, we'd be happy to heap praises on you
and your family for the overall health and
temperament of your pups.  Thank you.    Very
best regards, Jeane and Marty
Sue, what a wonderful new web site you have made. What you wrote about Precious made me cry.
thank you so much for the wonderful blessing. You don't know what she truly means to me. She
fulfills something that has been missing in my life for many years. I love her so much and thank you
precious Father above to meet all your spiritual, physical, and health needs for the rest of your life.
You will be in my thoughts continually because of our dear precious baby puppy.  Your other things
in your web site also blessed me and made my cry. What a wonderful christian woman I have the
pleasure to know. I will be rereading this web site because of the section of joy you spoke to places of
my heart that needed to read that.  I know God is faithful and He has been gone a good work in

In our Lord's love and mine,
Sue:  This is amazing!!  The other night I had the laptop out and went to a website with
different animal sounds.  We played some to see what Millie would do.  On the dog bark, not
much, the chimpanzee she would tilt her head.  Then I went to your website.  When the
music started Millie hopped onto the couch and looked at the screen and just kept looking.  
So I showed her the pictures of her sisters, Natalie and Lexi, she looked and looked at them
and even moved closer to the screen.  I tell you she knows your site.  It was amazing to
watch her, she remembers you and her sisters.

Bill & Kathy
Click on the cocker to email me~
High Calling Cockers
Our family couldn't believe how cute Lucy is, and just loved cuddling with her. She has
adapted nicely in our home and runs and plays with all her toys. My husband, Joe loves
to come home and have her run to greet him at the door.
I will be visiting my daughters in Boston at the end of September so they can meet Lucy
and will send pictures of them all together. Haven't set up a date yet to visit my son in
NYC.I am looking into Puppy classes for Lucy and I and hope to start them soon. We did
visit with my vet and she said Lucy is a very healthy puppy and has been well taken care
of . She even made mention of the fact that her nails were clipped by you, which is
something many breeders don't bother to do, Thank you for that.  
Lucy is working on her housebreaking and doing quite well,of course she does
sometimes forget and has an accident, but she's still learning.  We find her to be a very
affectionate puppy, eager to please and happy to be living with us. I'm very pleased she
has become such a loving member of our family. Thank you for bringing her into our
Take good care. I will keep you informed on her progress.
This morning, my mom took us for a big walk and silly Cubby got two
sand spurs in his paw!  Mom took them out as they really hurt!  Then
we went out to breakfast and everyone said we were cute!  We are
really tired but we think that our life is going to be really nice!  Mom
says that Daddy is  going to  take us to the beach so I'll make her send
you a picture of us running on the sand!
Thank you very much for everything you did for us when we were little
babies!  We were really happy with our brothers and sisters and Mom
but this is really nice too!  We are truly blessed little guys!

Much love to you-  Bailey and Cubby Jr.                                 
Hi Sue,

Let me start from the beginning, when we lost our beautiful cocker spaniel,
Katie.  It was December 26, 2007.  We thought our hearts would be broken
forever.  Never thought the pain would be so unbearable.  A few months later
we got a new red cocker puppy and named her Maggie.  She was quite a
handful but has become a beautiful, loving companion.  Even though we had
Maggie, I especially still felt a sense of loss for my beautiful Katie.  I love the
light buff color very much and missed that terribly.  I was at work one day
surfing the internet and went to  That is where I saw the
picture of your puppy, Chloe.  I thought she was the cutest puppy I had ever
seen.  I approached my husband Mike about getting another puppy, thinking
he would never go for it.  But he did when he saw the picture and that is
when I contacted you about your upcoming litters of Sophie & Mikey and
Rosie and Cubby.  I must say, it was so exciting when the puppies were born
and what a wonderful job you did with the pictures as they got older. We
looked forward to each and every week to see how Shelby was doing.         
Thank you for all the hard work you did to make our lives better.  When the
day came for Shelby to come home to us, what a wonderful day it was.  The
airplane ride went good and when they finally brought her out to us, she was
so calm and ready to get out of that crate.  We were star struck seeing her for
the first time.  All I could do was cry.  I finally had my light buff baby again.  
She is truly a wonderful puppy and you did a wonderful job breeding her and
getting her ready to come home to her new family.  She and Maggie are best
of friends and it has changed Maggie's life so much.  They play all of the time
and sleep together.  They are like two kids playing in the bedroom with all of
their toys.  It is so funny.  Thank you again Sue for all that you did.  You are
truly a wonderful person and breed wonderful puppies.  We are looking
forward to the many years with Shelby and again you have made our lives
and family complete.  We will keep in touch with you and send you pictures
of Shelby growing up.  She is just the cutest thing we have ever

Love always,

Sue and Mike
Clearwater, FL
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that Sophie has
adjusted really well.  She was quickly inducted into the dog pack and this
morning she and our five year old Hera were sleeping together on the
outside and has yet to christen the house - she was well trained.  Today
we had a baptism at the church - a family that had come from all over to
celebrate Thanksgiving and wanted the baptism this Saturday so they all
could be there before many left to fly home this afternoon and early
tomorrow.  Sophie came over to celebrate at the party afterwards and
was a very good girl.  She walked through the church and approved of
the place.  I told her that she and Hera would spend some time there
with me and she said she would like that - I think she is going to be a
good Church Dog.  We couldn't love her more and are so grateful to you
for the gift of her. Will keep in touch and send  some photos in the mail -
it will be easier than trying to download them on dial up.
In Him who loved us first.
Peace and Blessings,
Kim and Owen
Just sending you a note, to wish your family and your Cocker
Crew a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Click here to see Bonny's special page!

Bonny Wee Lass
Click here to see Cubby and
Bailey's very own
Special Page!
Hi Sue~

I hope you remember me. We adopted a
beautiful female silver cocker off of
you...Her name is Dixie...She just turned
2 on June 14th. Her mom is
Starr...Anyway I just wanted you to know
she is doing great...We love her
dearly...Dakota her companion who is
2year 6 month old now..They really make
our home a home..Kyle is 10 years old
and they keep him busy...I want to get
some updated pictures and I'll send you
one so you can see how great she is...
Well I have to go...Sorry it took me so
long to get in touch with you..
Hi Susan,

Pat and I have meant to write to you before now, but we're always so busy.  

We just took Lexi up to be spayed, and I'm sitting at home so I thought this would be a good
time to let you know how she's doing.

We couldn't have gotten a more perfect dog for us!  She's darling, smart and so much fun to
be with.  We love her so much!

Her favorite activity is playing with her balls.  She's got 8 of them - 2 that are her favorites.  
They all squeak - or some used to ...depending on how much use they get.  She puts them in
her mouth and "squeaks" them as we're playing.  They inevitably end up under a chair or the
couch, and she will lay down by it and whine until we rescue them for her.

She also has about 4 stuffed animals that she likes - she "shakes" them a lot.  When she goes
out to potty, she takes whatever she's been playing with out with her.  If we're not paying
attention, she will leave it outside and we'll find it "frozen" the next morning!  (Not now of
course, that was in the winter.)

She goes to work with me everyday and has become a favorite of all the truck drivers that
deliver to us - some of them bring her treats!

When we are getting ready in the morning, she's right there with us.  One morning she was
jumping up on Pat's leg, as he was shaving, as if she wanted the shaver. He pretended to
shave her and she loved it!  So now, when Pat shaves, Lexi gets "shaved" too!!  She's so

Our grandkids just love her too.  When they come over, they run all over the house and play
outside and Lexi's right with them.  When the kids leave, she's ready for a nap!

When we were farming last fall, Pat put her in the combine with him and she loved it.  She
wasn't a bit afraid - she loves it.

In a lot of ways, it's like having Buffy back again.  They look a lot alike and are so lovable, but
the similarity ends there.    Lexi's funny - she makes us laugh every day, she loves to wrestle
with Pat, she would play 24/7 and she wakes us up every morning with a million kisses!!

We are totally happy with this sweet little gift we received from God and from you!

Thank you so much for putting us on your list.  We needed this sweet little puppy and you
don't have to worry about her, she has a family who loves her dearly.

We still visit your website often to see your new dogs and their puppies. It's a wonderful thing
you do, Susan.  You have made countless families happy with your puppies.

Keep up the good work -  will let you know from time to time how our Lexi is doing.

Very sincerely,

Mary, Pat & Lexi
Dear Sue,
I hope things are great for you, your husband, and the kids(human and
puppy)!! I am going to send you pictures of Dixon, but I had to share
this one of him getting a kiss from his cousin at Christmas. I still do not
know how to send my pictures on email,so when my niece sent this to
me I knew I could forward it to you. Dixon has exceeded all our
expectations. He is beautiful. Everywhere we go people say OOOh !!
He's a movie star. He is so intelligent. He minds beautifully, and he
house trained like a champ. He is always in the bed with whoever gets
up last. Christian was sick for about 2 weeks this past winter and Dixon
never left his side. He would stand on the edge of the bed and put that
big paw on him and pat him. He is gentle and fun and loves to play
frisbee, ball, and hide and seek. He has several stuffed animals that he
likes out in plain view for his pleasure. One of the best things about him
is that after a bath, he actually dries himself off. We take him out of the
tub and spread two towels on the floor. He scoots and rolls on them
until he is dry. He weighs 22 pounds now. He is tall and slim. The first
time we took him to the veterinarian he told us he wouldn't have
recommended a cocker for Christian, but after getting to know him,
he's amazed. He says he has never seen a dog with a better
temperament. Sometimes Dixon falls asleep on the examination table.
Sue, I can't thank you enough for the joy this little one has brought into
our lives. He has been a blessing in every way.

God bless you and your family!!
Dixon's Family ( Tim, Nancy, and Christian )
Ken and Pam came back to High
Calling Cockers for their second
puppy, Libbi!  We are so very
Pastor Syd and Sharon now have a
second High Calling Cocker, Betsy!
Hi Sue:  Today is Millies' birthday.  Kathy and I want to thank you for Millie.  
She is just as playful as ever.
You never know what she will do next.  A family up the street has black
cocker spaniel his name is Oreo.
So I suggested to Kathy that today we have a puppy party and invite the
neighbors dogs.  They can play chase the squirrels and pin the tail on the
cat in the back yard.  She didn't go for that idea.  Gee I don't know why.

Millie is doing just great, loves people and she likes to go for rides.  Next
Friday is her spa day.  Once a month she goes to the groomers and gets
spoiled.  Bob and Dianne the groomer just love her.  When I drop Millie off,
she just runs behind the counter to Bob, her little nub just a wiggling away.

Once again thank you for our special pup.

Bill, Kathy and Millie
Lucas Kringle

On November 4th it had been Lucas birthday we
have so many lovely pictures and we just want to
share them with you.

Thank you so much for Lucas, he is and always
will be a member of our family and we love him
very much!
Sophie is growing faster than I want her to.  She must weigh at least nine
pounds, or more,  by now.  A week ago she weighed 8 lbs, 4 oz!

She has a sweet disposition...........well, when she isn't nibbling my feet! LOL

Our cat is still maintaining separate living quarters.  Remembering how well
she and our last cocker got along, it's really amusing.  She will come around
I'm sure, just as soon as Sophie grows up!  


Buff Female
I will be loved forever by
Donna, Norm & Alexa
Williamsville, NY
Abigail is an Irish name meaning
"Father Rejoices!"
Dear Sue:

Abigail is settling in wonderfully! She is an absolute joy and we are having a great time
with her. She loves to sit on our feet next to the couch and find every little nook and
cranny in the house to crawl through. As you can tell by the name, Alexa decided on
Abigail, or Abby for her forever name. You had great intuition when you named her. It
suits her so well,  She loves to nibble on everything! She'll attack the drawer pulls on
our coffee table, squeeze under and behind the couch, run around in circles in the
backyard and greets everyone enthusiastically when they come into the house.  She's
doing good with her housebreaking. I think it's more of a challenge for us than for her!
She sleeps through the night in her crate, and has been eating well.

I'm enclosing a few pictures for you of Abby and want to thank you again for giving us
the opportunity to make her part of our family.

All the best, Donna
Dear Sue,
It was so nice seeing you again, even though it was short and
snowy!  Caitie was just great on the way home, she travels as well
as Bailey.  Big brother plays with her but at times his eyes are
green!!!     It will take a few days.  Bailey is just happy to be home.
The two of them slept most of the time, so when we stopped they
were both wide open.  Caitie is a little live wire! I think she is more
active than Bailey was!  The trip home wasn't bad. We did hit some
"Lake" snow showers  but once we were through them no trouble
at all, except we brought your weather home with us!!!  It is almost
as cold here and expecting snow showers here tomorrow and gale
warnings, very early for snow here!  We did stay overnight Tues.,
and left Wed. am. I see by your web site that the other babies made
it HOME. Wed. am must have been really cold at that hour!!  We
will send pictures soon, right now have to catch up on all the stuff I
didn't do while we were gone.  Thank you again, and stay Warm
and safe!..  LOL  Andree
Bailey  (Omar)
Please see pictures of Cruiser my son's cocker spaniel that would
watch over Pearl and become one of her best friends. Picture is
from a recent camping trip with our son and his wife.  I have
included a picture of me so you get familiar with me. I also included
one of my favorite pictures of my son holding Jasper and Cruiser.
Jasper is the sister of Cruiser. She also was my husband and my
beloved cocker that passed away this past November due to
stomach cancer. She had fought the disease for approximately a
year. Fighting to the end. She will always remain in our hearts and
thoughts. Cruiser misses her dearly and would love a new friend to
keep him company.
Charity is so teachable and learns quickly.  She is already showing  
signs  of comfortableness with her new room and  space (crate). Can  
you believe? I'm very appreciative of you requiring this. (Very  
Helpful)  Also wanted to tell you how beautiful the blanket is you  
sent with Charity and I especially love the embroidery details on it  
which added personal touch I know from the one who loves her very
much too.. Thank YOU!
Hi Sue,
We picked Charity up at 12:00 approximately central time after my ordeal
of forgetting my license then got to the airport which I got lost inside but
finally found Charity. She was in supurb condition considering how long
she had been traveling, I was very impressed with the way I received her.
Thank You! She took to me immediately and I got compliments as well
from the staff at the baggage counter. They had given her water so she was
well hydrated when I received her. She is so adorable and her temperament
is so sweet. We stopped on the way back home to let her out to get a little
exercise and to see her bounce around was so precious to see, wish It had
been light and camera in hand so I could have snapped a few photos.
Charity is home now, has had her dinner and after getting familiar with her
toys her and I are both exhausted now but not nearly as you are though.
Will keep in touch. God bless you and Thanks again for this precious gift
that will bring many years of joy into my life. : )
Dear Sue,

We have had a wonderful first few hours with Piper -- she is perfect!  
Becky and I are totally blessed, and Piper seems very much at home in her
new surroundings and with her new family....  It was a treat to meet you,
and I hope the rest of your day was as joy-filled as ours.  Much love and a
big hug,

This Thanksgiving our hearts are grateful for your calling to
have brought to us this FABULOUS cocker spaniel.
We joke about how smart he is ... that he will probably finish
writing his first book next week and we will have to enroll him
in Pre-med.
He constantly amazes us...the only dog we have ever found to
enjoy bath time and if we put a towel out on the floor - He rolls
on it to dry off!
The Vet melted when he saw him and he is delighted to take
care of him ...spent loads of time evaluating his personality
and physique then said, "He is definately from "The Breeder",
what a great will be amazed at what this dog has
going for him...(we certainly agree).
We intend to have him spayed at 6 months and gps chipped at
that time...I did not see any remark about the chip on your
paperwork...just let me know if he already has one or I can
assume we will have it done.
Again - all our love to you and yours for the joy this precious
dog brings us!   Smiling and Waving!!!  Dave and Helen
If you would like to read over a thousand
testimonial posts about our puppies, please visit our
High Calling Cocker Blog.
Hi Susan:

Here is a pic I took of Shane tonight. He hasn't had his first trim yet,
but will this Thursday before Easter, when he will be among a lot of

I enjoy your blog, and seeing how all of Shane's little cousins are doing.
Shane is so affectionate, even with other people who have held him in
their arms.

And Happy Palm Sunday to you too! I went to Mass today at St.
Dominics here in Oyster Bay. They have a very beautiful old Chapel.
My parents were married there, and other family members/funerals etc.
Anyway the Passion was read, and when got to the part where Christ
died, there was a brief silence and pause. At that very moment, a
Starling that was inside the Church flew up to the very top of the cross
that was on the altar, and alighted there for about 20 seconds.
Everyone in the church was in awe. It really was amazing.  
Once we arrived home, Natasha promptly emptied her little bladder (on the grass!), and then
began to explore.  We didn't let her roam much, but she claimed the family room as her own.  
She ate, drank some water, played with her toys, and called for attention.  She slept in her
crate, waking me every few hours to go outside.  Of course, she wanted to play, but I wasn't
up for that at 3AM.

She's totally charmed Lou, and my hopes of having a Cocker slightly less spoiled than the last
one are probably in vain.  Today we visited the family vet -
Dr. Pryor at the Village Animal
Clinic in North Palm Beach.
 As you would expect, she stole the hearts of all the gals and
guys in the office, as well as her vet.  We received many compliments on both her looks and
personality. Dr. Pryor said they seldom see Cocker Spaniel puppies these days, and Natasha
sure is a cutie.
And, as if that wasn't enough excitement for the day, some of our neighbors insisted on meeting
Natasha when we arrived home.  She met their dogs as well.  She ignored them at first, but then
was chasing them to play after just a few moments - we don't think shyness is going to be an issue
with this one!  And, she 's already received two "Welcome Home" gifts from the neighbors
She's doing fine - out like a light at my feet after all the excitement of the day.  I've included some
snapshots taken while she and I waited in the car for Lou to do the grocery shopping - she's quite a
ham.  And then a quick set as she explored the patio. I've yet to have success taking a photo of her
standing up, as she's always running full out.  It seems she has two speeds - All ON and All OFF -
nothing in between.
Thank you very much, and we wish you all the best.  We couldn't have received a more perfect

Lou & Sharon
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Hello Sue,

We wanted to Thank You and Mike for
bringing Natasha to us yesterday.  And, of
course, to let you know we all arrived home
safely.  Natasha did famously at the airport
and on the plane.  She slept most of the way,
only whining a bit when we started the
descent into West Palm Beach.  Fortunately,
we didn't have a 7 hour layover on our trip
home, so it was much better than the trip
up.  Thanks also for the tip to check out
Direct Air into Niagara Intl Airport.  Here's a
photo of you with your "Cookie," as well as
one of Natasha sleeping soundly as we
waited to board the plane (with her special
Pastor Syd and Sharon with Bonny
Caitie  (Noelle)